Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (25)

Summary of Chapter 25
The 25th 'lie' Young argues against is that 'God is disappointed in me'. Again, we get some autobiographical material. Young felt like his earthly father was always disappointed in him. He wants to distinguish between grief (a healthy response to loss) and disappointment (which revolves around expectation and imagination). God often grieves over us, but is never disappointed in us because God never had any illusions about us.

One thing that seems clear throughout this book is that Young is not an Open Theist (I am). In that sense he is more in line with what we might call 'classical theism' (perhaps to the surprise of many of his toughest critics). There's no need to get heavy into the open theism debate here, but I do wonder what Young would say about some of the passages in Scripture where God does seem surprised by human action (or inaction). I think Open Theism could potentially strengthen Young's theology in a couple of different areas. Nonetheless, that's a whole other discussion. No strong objections here.

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