Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (19)

Summary of Chapter 19
The 19th 'lie' is that 'God requires child sacrifice'. Here, Young confronts the common 'Christian' narrative that (because of sin) God required child sacrifice (specifically, His own Son Jesus) in order to appease divine wrath. Young says we know in our guts that this doesn't match what we know about the God who is love. Scripture itself bans child sacrifice. Even the story of Abraham, sometimes used as justification, actually has the opposite message (God was simply willing to stoop to Abraham's level of thinking to teach him that his thinking was wrong). Sacrifice is the language we humans speak, so God became the sacrifice we required.

There was a lot of overlap here with chapter 17 (the order of some of these chapters is quite strange, as ones that could easily have been combined are often separated by chapters that seemingly don't have much in common with their prequels or sequels). I agree with Young that God is against child sacrifice and did not require the death of His own Son to appease His wrath. I think Young's understanding of the story of Abraham & Isaac is solid. No objections here.

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