Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (12)

Summary of Chapter 12
The 12th 'lie' is 'God created (my) religion' and covers similar content to chapter 5 ('God is a Christian'). Again, Young understands religion as a human construct and an attempt to 'do' things to earn God's favor. God works with (submits) to religion, but only because that's how to relate to many of us. Christianity, like every other religion, must be measured by its allegiance to Jesus.

There is quite a bit of overlap with chapter 5 here. The point is a common (and good) one. Jesus did not come to start just another in the long list of world religions. He came, in a large sense, to end religion. It is interesting that Young sees religion as a human construct, but feels some elements of some religions do come from God (Golden Rule, Jubilee, etc.). Young's mode of operation for discerning which elements are truly from God seems to be how they measure up to Jesus which, to my mind, is the perfect paradigm. No objections here.

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