Monday, March 27, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (10)

Summary of Chapter 10
The 10th 'lie' Young wants to confront is the idea that 'God is a prude'. Young makes clear that sexuality originates from God. Sexuality is an extremely relational mentality. It is only when taken out of the context of loving relationship that sex becomes a bad thing. Young claims we've turned 'agape' love into 'eros' love and that that is the problem. But God is not a prude even if sometimes the church is prudish.

Again, hard to argue with his overall point here. Certainly the church (and religion in general) has sometimes considered sex to be an inherently dirty word. And that IS a lie. Sexuality is a beautiful thing. I might question Young's black & white contrast between agape and eros (in terms of Greek usage), but that would probably be quibbling. His broader point is clear and correct. No objections here.

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