Monday, February 01, 2016

January Resolution Report

Resolution: No chocolate, snacks, dessert, etc.

1. I ate some popcorn at a church movie night midway through the month. I didn't really see it as breaking my rules b/c I mostly ate it b/c the movie was really long and I didn't feel like just sitting there.
2. Also, I accidentally ate a piece of cake at Addy's birthday party yesterday.
3. Further, I didn't actually come up with the idea to do this resolution until January 6th.
4. I don't count ritz crackers and peanut butter as a snack


1. I experienced no change in weight

2. I was generally more tired (coincidentally, we do have an infant)

3. I noticed that I had 1 really long eyebrow hair... connection?

4. I drank a lot less milk


1. It was easier than I thought

2. I plan to eat chocolate as soon as I'm done with this post, but I do think i'll do much better with quantity going forward. I definitely had a bad habit of eating lots of snacks... often right before bed

My other January resolution was to not bring my laptop home from work and to, instead, say YES to the girls when they ask to play. I liked this resolution a lot. I played A LOT of Sorry.

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