Sunday, March 15, 2015

There is no free

There is no free

Master one or master two
No question if, it’s only who
Slavery or slavery
There is no free

Nuance this or nuance that
Say freedom is also a fact
And I agree, Yes I agree
Still, there is no free

Cause I’m a slave
A service man
And yes I hold my master’s hand
But still a slave
I’ll always be
Because there is no free

Savior Yes, but you’re Lord too
Can’t choose one if both are true
To let him be what he will be
Means, there is no free

You’re the maker, I’m the made
It makes no sense that I’d get paid
I’m only doing my duty
There is no free

Repeat Chorus

Delivery from, Delivery to
Slave to sin or slave to you
I’m hoping that you might agree
There is no free


Anonymous said...


Terry said...

You should have some way to have an audio clip or have the chords/sheet music so I can attempt to play these songs.

matthew said...

It does have a tune. I could send you the file if you like. But I don't know enough about music to write any notes/chords :) Is this Terry Branch?

Terry said...

Yep :)