Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a french term which literally means 'already seen.' Almost 70% of the population, reportedly, claims to experience this phenomenon. It may be defined as an eerie sense of familiarity amidst a first time experience. Personally, I've experienced Deja Vu a number of times in my life. I can not recall how often, but I'd guess maybe a total of 20 times. Though I haven't experienced Deja Vu in quite some time, I thought I'd share some theories.

First, I'll throw out (for consideration) and throw out (to the trash) a few fairly popular theories.

Some suggest that Deja Vu is best explained because some form of reincarnation is true. In other words, we experience a sense of familiarity because we've actually experienced almost the same thing in a previous life. I discard this theory because there is no good evidence for reincarnation AND because it doesn't really address the issue very well. Why would memories from a completely different life (different time, place, people) be more likely to cause deja vu than memories from your current life?

Another explanation that, I think, should be dismissed is one often embraced by Christians. It has been suggested that the reason we experience Deja Vu is because our spirits are eternal. Previous to being placed in a body, our spirits existed in the spirit realm with God (which is supposedly outside of time). Deja Vu happens when our spirit temporarily remembers something that it saw from that vantage point. Again, I dismiss this theory b/c, biblically, there is no evidence that our spirits existed before our conception. It is even debated whether God exists outside of time. What's more, why would the spirit remember these Deja Vu moments and not others (most of my Deja Vu experiences were rather mundate events)?

A similar suggestion is that the experience of Deja Vu is a sort of prophetic experience. The person experiencing it was given a glimpse of the future before it happened (so that when it happens, it seems familiar to them). But again, my experiences with Deja Vu have been inconsequential. Why would God give me a preview of my friends and I snacking and playing a board game?

I would, however, like to suggest a number of theories that I think may help explain Deja Vu.

First, in the spirit of seeking the simplest solution, I would suggest that Deja Vu sometimes happens when we are experiencing something VERY SIMILAR to something we've experienced before. One might counter that they don't recall a similar experience, but that could just as easily be attributed to our faulty memories. My experience of Deja Vu was often (though not always) in situations that were, indeed, very similar to some earlier situations I had been in.

Second, and just a little bit more complicated, is the theory that the experience of Deja Vu is connected to our dreams. Dreams are a very interesting subject in their own right. Last night I had very vivid dreams, but 2 seconds after I woke up... what I dreamed about was now a mystery. I could recall that the dream was vivid, but I couldn't recall a single detail about it! The memory of that dream (and all my dreams) is, I believe SOMEWHERE in my brain. Imagine how much content we're talking about! Perhaps Deja Vu is the experience of something in real life that is very similiar to something you previously experienced (and forgot about) in a dream.

My next two theories are hot off the presses (I just thought of them this morning, though I'm sure they are not original to me). They are computer/internet based theories.

Since I am currently teaching through the Bible for a second time, I have somewhat frequently tried to save a document only to find that I already have a document saved with that same title. I have to make a quick title change in order to store this new file. Could it be that our brains 'title' new memories and sometimes run into the problem of finding another memory claiming that title? Come to think of it, this is just a more technical version of the 'simplest solution' above.

Or maybe Deja Vu is more like a 'double post' like we sometimes find on the internet. Maybe on occasion our brain goes a little berserk and tries to send the same new memory to its storage facility twice. In this sense, Deja Vu would not so much be 'already seen' but 'seeing twice.' Scientists sometimes suggest, similarly, that Deja Vu could be the overlap of 1 memory existing in both the short-term and long-term sections of the brain.

What has been your experience of Deja Vu? What are your theories?