Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frightful Forms of Faith

4 Frightful Forms of Faith to think about this Halloween...

The Zombie Christian
A Zombie Christian is a person who has some of the same habits as a Christian (church attendance, Bible knowledge, etc), but has actually never made a commitment to follow Christ. They may appear to be alive, but they are actually dead in their sins.

The Vampire Christian
A Vampire Christian is a person who has asked that the blood save them in their sins, but they have no intention of recognizing Jesus as their Lord. They just want a little bit of Jesus' blood and have no interest in actually following Jesus.

The Werewolf Christian
A Werewolf Christian is a person who is generally committed to Christ, but there is one area that they refuse to surrender and/or repent of. They have a secret that they hope no one will discover. They know it and, usually, try to hide it from others.

The Head-Hunter Christian
The Head-Hunter Christian is a person that claims to have a deep spiritual relationship to Christ, but has no interest in being connected to Jesus' body (the church). They only want the head, a decapitated Jesus. They individualize the Kingdom of God.

Ask yourself... "Do I have a frightful form of faith? Have I found life in Christ? Am I following Jesus daily? Is there an area of my life I haven't submitted to God? Have I given up on the church that Jesus calls His body?

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