Friday, September 12, 2014

Wesley Sermon #15


Christians fight over doctrines far too often… and it’s not just about trivial matters. We even fight over core truths of the faith. For instance, we fight over the definition of Christ’s righteousness and the details of its transfer to us. I intend, in this message, to clearly communicate my understanding of these issues so as to provoke unity.

The righteousness of Christ refers, chiefly, to his human righteousness. Christ was both inwardly and outwardly righteous; He refrained from all sin and did all that the Father asked him to do. Christ’s righteousness is put on our account when we fallen humans repent of our own lack of righteousness and put our faith in his.

The exact language we use to express these truths is less important than the fact that we do humbly depend on Christ for our very life. I’m convinced that much of our fighting is over semantics. We simply fail to truly understand our brothers and sisters. We don’t listen and, therefore, don’t realize they are saying much the same thing with slightly different words.

One reason why our movement has sometimes been reluctant to use certain phrases regarding this doctrine is that we have been afraid to encourage a lackadaisical attitude toward sin. The imputation of Christ’s righteousness upon us is no excuse for not allowing the Spirit to implant righteousness in us. Forgive us this fear and let’s unite together in service of our great Master!

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