Sunday, September 21, 2014


5 players showed up for TSB2. We used an everybody-plays-everybody format to determine playoff seeding. The results were as follows: Matthew 4-0. Nick 3-1. Joe 2-2. Mike 1-3. Jon 0-4. The playoff format was that the worst remaining seeds played each other in winner-stays-on matches until only 1 team remained. Mike (#4 seed) beat Jon (#5 seed) then Joe (#3 seed) then Nick (#2 seed) then Matthew (#1 seed) to win the championship. Playoff results are in BOLD below.

Matthew (Eagles, Chiefs, Chargers, Vikings, Bucs)
Beat Joe 26-3
Beat Nick 38-16
Beat Jon 21-7
Beat Mike 21-14
LOST TO MIKE 21-28(Oilers over Eagles)

Joe (Giants, Broncos, Bears, Saints, Steelers)
Beat Jon 10-7
Lost to Matt 3-26
Beat Mike 14-7
Lost to Nick 7-14
LOST TO MIKE 7-21 (chose to use Colts rather than use NYGiants)

Jon (49ers, Packers, Dolphins, Jets, Rams)
Lost to Joe 7-10
Lost to Mike 3-24
Lost to Matt 7-21
Lost to Nick 21-42

Mike (Bills, Oilers, Redskins, Falcons, Browns)
Lost to Nick 14-21
Beat Jon 24-3
Lost to Joe 7-14
Lost to Matt 14-21
BEAT JON 21-14 (Falcons over 49ers)
BEAT JOE 21-7 (Seahawks over Colts)
BEAT NICK 24-21 (Patriots over Raiders)
BEAT MATT 28-21(Oilers over Eagles)

Nick (Raiders, Bengals, Lions, Cowboys, Cardinals)
Beat Mike 21-14
Lost to Matt 16-38
Beat Joe 14-7
Beat Jon 42-21

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