Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday @ Refresh

I used to blog each day during family camp.

Then I became the director/co-director and stopped

But I was looking at past years posts the other and it was kind of a neat trip down memory lane, so I'll do it again.

Being in charge of family camp (now called Refresh) makes camp a lot different... especially Sunday. It's a whirlwind. Here are the highlights...

Got to sleep in a little after a fairly restless night
Finished up some little odds and ends
The registration process began and lasted the whole afternoon and through dinner
Had 3 choc. milks for dinner
Service went really well w/Chris Stephens & Tom Harding
Had some good conversations after service
Finished up helping Katie in campus center
Watched/played some Super Tecmo Bowl w/Joe & Nick
Debriefed with Katie until 1am (which is now)

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Terry said...

You should document Refresh again!