Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I'm Not a Christian

I have always been interested in arguments against Christianity (whether from atheists, agnostics, or adherents of other religions). Facebook hosts a plethora of anti-Christian propaganda. As a thinking Christian, I actually enjoy considering and dissecting them, whether they be gentle jabs or all out attacks. As strange as it sounds, though, I usually end up feeling both disappointed and delighted after reading them. I'm disappointed that arguments so confused, so weak, and so shallow are part of present day dialogue. Yet I'm also delighted that such arguments seem to be the best the non-Christian world has to offer against Christianity (this fact sometimes strengthens faith).

Even still, after reading so much rhetorical refuse, I thought it might be interesting to write AS AN ATHEIST. If I stopped being a Christian tomorrow, and decided to write an essay "Why I'm not a Christian," what would I write? Here's what I came up with.


First, I can't believe in Christianity because Christianity doesn't know what to believe. Jesus supposedly lived, died, and rose again. Jesus himself said that when the Holy Spirit came, He would lead Christians into all truth. But it's been about 2,000 years now and Christians still don't really know the truth about anything! They disagree about everything! And it's not like they only quibble over little things. Ask a Christian to explain the Trinity! Ask them to explain how someone gets saved! They disagree about the very basic components of their faith! And not only do they disagree, they're NASTY about it. Am I supposed to be impressed by a religion that claims to be based on love and yet has to divide into a handful of churches (at least) in each town?

Second, I can't believe in Christianity because I'm not even sure THEY believe in it! Supposedly, their God became flesh... died for all their sins... and rose from the dead (promising them eternal life!). But whenever I visit a church, they seem pretty subdued. And I don't mean they should be jumping on their pews... but at least have a sparkle in your eye, eh? Something isn't right here. Either Jesus rose from the dead or He didn't. Either God has done something that changes everything or He hasn't. If He has, why is church so boring? If he hasn't... well, I must conclude that he hasn't if I'm basing it off of what I see from the 'church.' More often than not it just seems like another human club.

Third, I can't believe in Christianity because Christianity doesn't seem to be making a difference. The Bible itself says that we will know the truth of something by its fruit. What is the fruit of Christianity? I don't see many churches really making a difference in their local communities. In fact, what difference would it make if churches just disappeared tomorrow? I'm not sure it would make much of difference. It might even help because, at least then, some other institution would build something on their land and pay taxes!

Of course none of my reasons for not being a Christian have much to do with Christ Himself. But why should I assume what they say about him is true? I was reading the Gospel they call John one time. Jesus was praying. He prayed that his followers would 'be one.' He prayed that his followers would 'have the full measure of his joy.' His prayer was that they be 'sent into the world.' I don't see unity. I don't see joy. I don't even see them in the world (they stick pretty much to themselves). If Jesus' prayers aren't even answered, why would I even try? If his followers can't get it right after 2,000 years, why should I pay attention. It seems to me that the supposed evidence that Jesus is alive... is dead.

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