Saturday, January 08, 2011

NFL Playoff Predictions

Prior to the NFL season, I correctly predicted 4 of the 6 AFC playoff teams (NE, Indianapolis, Baltimore, NYJ). I predicted only 3 of 6 NFC playoff teams (Atlanta, NO, GB)

Below are my predictions for the AFC Playoffs. I've decided, this year, to make surprising selections.


Wild Card Round
NYJ over Indy- Manning will struggle w/Jets D
Baltimore over KC- Ravens are just way better

1st Round
NYJ over Pats- Patriots cold, Jets fired up
Pitt over Baltimore- Real tight game. Home field wins.

Championship Round
NYJ over Pittsburgh- I predict NYJ in OT


Wild Card Round
NO over Seattle- Not even close
GB over Philly- Very close

1st Round
Atlanta over GB- Too tough to win in Atlanta
Chicago over NO- NO will be too banged up

Championship Round
Chicago over Atlanta- Chicago will shock in OT

So after having both championship games go to OT, the Jets will clobber the bears in the Super Bowl.

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