Tuesday, December 07, 2010

4 Views of 4 Views Books

Recently I've been reading a number of books which present 4 views of a given subject and allow for some interaction between the different presenters. These books serve as good introductions to broad subjects, but the format also carries with it some negatives. This post will present 4 different views of the '4 views' books.

View #1 "They're GREAT!"
The '4 Views' books are awesome. They help us to understand those whom we disagree with and even to better understand our own positions. Plus, they go as 'in depth' as most people will need on the subject at hand.

View #2 "They're GOOD!"
The '4 Views' books are a good start, but by their very nature, they don't go into enough detail. Each view gets a very abbreviated description.

View #3 "They're OK!"
The '4 Views' books are ok, but sometimes there's only 3 legitimate views and sometimes there are 5. My unique (and right!) view always seems to get left out.

View #4 "They're TERRIBLE"
The '4 Views' books give equal time to deception! Only 1 view is correct and the others should not be given the chance to stand side by side with the true view.

The '4 Views' books have strengths and weaknesses.

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Elizabeth said...

I giggle at the forth view and guess that you're in the third view camp?