Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Idol #3

It was April 20th, on my blog, that I first predicted that Lee should & would win American Idol this year. And I think that prediction has been vindicated by his recent performance. Even without the comments from the judges, I gave him two 9 out of 10's.

37 Lee Dewize (216)
33 Crystal Bowersox (217)
28 Casey James (202)

Earlier in the season Crystal built a pretty big lead by my stat system, but now Lee is within 1 point of her. In other words, whoever performs better next week deserves to win. Unless, of course, it is Casey. He doesn't even deserve to be in the top 6, let alone the top 3. If he doesn't get voted out tomorrow I'm moving to Canada.


Elizabeth said...

You really should blog more often. I miss post about stuff.

matthew said...

Hey Elizabeth :)

I would like to post more. I'm not sure, though, how many people actually read blogs anymore. I get way more comments lately through facebook (since my blog uploads to there).

Nevertheless, I do have a series of posts coming in response to Richard Dawkins book 'the god delusion.' I will probably start that when Idol is over next week.

Katie said...

Please don't move to Canada till I get my passport- The baby and I would like to be able to come visit!

sheila said...

Well, I guess you should finish that kitchen, you won't be moving to Canada, : )