Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Idol #7

In my transition from the apartment to our first home, I missed American Idol last week. But since I'm not really an Elvis fan, it was no big deal. I can't say I'm surprised that Katy and Andrew were voted off as they were definitely two of the most underwhelming contestants left. So we're down to our final 7. Here are my scores for the night (overall score in parenthesis):

17 Lee Dewize (125)
17 Crystal Bowersox (134)
15 Aaron Kelly (109)
14 Siobhan Magnus (122)
14 Michael Lynch (122)
13 Casey James (120)
12 Tim Urban (100)

Based on this, I again declare that Tim should be voted off. Casey and Michael, I think, are both in trouble. The more I think about it, the more I think that Lee is going to win this year. He's a little more 'pop' friendly than Crystal and, frankly, she'd be better off on her own than with all that comes with 'winning' American Idol. I think Siobhan will finish 3rd.

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