Thursday, April 01, 2010

Idol #10

I was actually sad to see Didi Benami go. Certainly she had a bad week (she had the lowest score of the night on my ratings), but I still think she was better than a few of the remaining contestants. Her and Lilly Scott both had voices that made for enjoyable listening. On the other hand, the constant crying was probably getting annoying to America. Here are my weekly rankings (overall score in parenthesis):

18 Lee Dewize (92)
16 Crystal Bowersox (100)
16 Michael Lynch (92)
16 Casey James (90)
16 Andrew Garcia (81)
14 Siabhan Magnus (92)
14 Katy Stevens (81)
13 Aaron Kelly (81)
13 Tim Urban (72)
12 Didi Benami (84)

So the bottom 3 were indeed on the bottom 4 of my rankings and the one with the worst week did indeed get voted out. Hopefully Tim goes next week with Katy & Aaron to follow. I think Casey, Andrew & Michael will go after that. At this point I think the final 3 will be Crystal, Siabhan & Lee (but Crystal is the only lock)

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