Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anatomy of Apology

What's the difference between being genuinely sorry (repentance) and being sorry that you got caught? In one sense, the difference can be discerned only be the apologizing person (they know the seriousness of their 'sorry'). In another sense, the level of authenticity can best be known with time (does the apologizing party change?). But what are the initial and external signs of genuine repentance?

Over the next week or so, I want to briefly analyze a small number of celebrity apologies. I think there are some clear marks that distinguish a genuine apology from an apology that come only because one got caught. I will analyze apologies by people like Bill Clinton, Marion Jones, Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriquez, Alec Baldwin, Saul & David.

Who should I analyze first?

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Elizabeth said...

Clinton, since you listed him first. Or do Saul and David and use that information when talking about others apologies.