Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knew Awards 09

I didn't do year-end rewards in 2008 b/c I was busy getting married. But I did them in 2005, 2006 & 2007 and I'll do them right now in 2009.

Favorite TV Show

2005 Winner: Lost
2006 Winner: Seinfeld Re-runs
2007 Winner: The Office
2009 Winner... Colbert Report
It hasn't been a good year for TV. Shows in contention for the prize were American Idol, The Office and Farscape (re-runs I watched for the first time). But Colbert Report has been the most consistently funny!

Favorite Artist
2005: Caedmon's Call
2006: Iron & Wine
2007: Weird Al
2009... Buffalo Chips
This is a local university A Cappella group that I really enjoy. Katie got me all of their past CD's and I listened to them a lot.

Favorite Game
I played a lot of SIMCITY4 in the 2nd half of 2009 and it was enjoyable enough to edge some Wii games like bowling, tetris, etc.

Favorite Website
In a new category, I award my favorite website of the year to Not that it functions perfectly, but I really do enjoy looking for houses. Maybe we will even buy one in 2010.

Most Influential Person
2005: Steve Gregg
2006: Steve Gregg
2007: Steve Gregg
2009... Katie Rose
It's hard not to be heavily influenced by someone you spend every day with! I'll let her decide if it's been a good or bad influence :)


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Strange any dialogue turns out..

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At you inquisitive mind :)