Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TV show Survivor

I too get very frustrated with TV shows that get canceled in the middle. I like there to be an ending!!! I've come up with a solution to what shows get cancelled. I don't have any idea how it would work, but if there was some way to pull it off, I think it would be very interesting.

The title of this post gave me away, I'm sure... The TV shows that are to be cancelled go on a sort of Survivor game, so the public ultimately decides what show gets cancelled. They could have cast members/writers/directors of the shows competing.. or fans.. I don't know. But that way, the people who love a show couldn't complain too much when it was cancelled (there's going to be complaining anyways, for sure) but this way at least we'd get some more entertainment from it.

Or... what if they would at least FINISH a show with some type of wrap up so we're not left hanging. Wouldn't that make sense?? I like the way they are doing some new shows, like the Starter Wife... each season is kind of like a mini movie with a resolution at the end. If they don't do anymore, you don't feel like something is missing. They wrap up the loose ends in a way that you are satisfied if that's it.

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matthew said...

As I said in real life, I like this idea. I would watch it and vote.