Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kid Questions

One of my favorite styles of teaching is to just provide a list of questions to start discussions. Here is a list of questions on what the Bible says about children that we used Sunday night and will finish next Sunday night...

Theological Questions
Why did God design us to go through stages of physical growth?
How could a good God call for the death of children in the Old Testament?
Why does God allow barrenness?
Are children born sinful?
Do children go directly to heaven if they die?
What is the age of accountability?
Are all people God’s children, or only believers?

Sanctity of Life Questions
When does life begin?
Is abortion murder?
What does the Bible say about birth control?
Should humanity practice population control?

Parenting Questions
If children are a blessing, should I try to have a lot of them?
Is good parenting a guarantee of good children?
Is it appropriate to physically discipline my children?
Who is most responsible for teaching our children?
What are the most important things to teach our children?
Should I leave an inheritance to my children?
Should we force our children to go to church and, if so, for how long?

Ministry Questions
Why are most people converted in their childhood?
What does the Bible say about children’s ministry?
What does the Bible say about youth ministry?
What is the significance of baby dedications?
Should infants be baptized?
Should a person with unruly children be in church leadership?

Jesus-Centered Questions
Why did God come to earth as a child?
Why are we told so little about Jesus’ childhood?
What is the significance of the story of Jesus at the temple?
Why didn’t Jesus get married and have children?

Misc. Questions
What are the best characteristics of children?
What are the worst characteristics of children?
Does God ever address children directly in the Bible?
How should we, as older children, treat our elderly parents?

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