Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's not over

When I got home from Houghton tonight I watched the Bills Monday Night Football Game from the DVR. Now, the Bills have been 7-9 three seasons in a row. They kept their loser coach, so I don't expect much from them. In fact, in this first game I expected them to get blown out by New England. Nevertheless, the Bills played a good game and had a 24-13 lead with less than 3 minutes to go. Was I confident? Nope. I really wasn't. I have learned over the past decade of non-playoff football that the Buffalo Bills are excellent at finding new ways to lose. This time their method was a fumbled kick return.

So I'm glad they didn't suck, but I just wish they could figure out how to actually win a meaningful game. I doubt they'll figure that out until they get a new coach.

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Jecca said...

I was impressed to find them leading by so much in the 4th quarter when I finally got home from choir, but I too knew it would not, could not last...