Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School on Sundays

Last week, work was very busy and my normal break when I post on Wednesday's didn't happen. This week, the time was filled with composing an article for our church's newsletter about our Sunday School Program... hence the late posting (I could tell you were very interested in knowing why I didn't post last week, and what the hold up was today).

I find Sunday School very interesting. Ours has held steady over the past several years in the 90's. We have an average service attendance of 200; that means about 45% of our church attends Sunday School. I believe that is a good amount, but I don't know why it isn't higher.

I grew up in the typical "dysfunctional" American family. We had our problems, and our business, but one thing could always be counted on. Every Sunday Morning, we went to Sunday School, and then we went to the worship service.

I guess because of that, I am much more committed to it than the average person. I've had the pleasure to both teach and attend Sunday School classes, and I currently have the privilege to serve at our church as Sunday School Superintendent.

It mystifies me when good Christian people are searching for a way to fit in and learn more about Christ, and they don't take advantage of all the resources around them, like Sunday School (Or, as we are slowly transitioning to call it- Discipleship Hour).


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