Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Words of Wisdom

Someone told Matthew when we first got married that the first year is the best time to write a book about marriage, if he was planning on it. Every now and then we joke about things that should go into our "book."

Since we've officially been married for 6 months now (unofficially also, since we didn't get an actual 6-month anniversary- darn June for not having a 31st!) I will share my best bit of advise to date. It's pretty simple... and yet extremely complex.

Everywhere you go, whether its at school or work, home or with friends, everyone is talking about communication, and how important it is to communicate effectively.Sadly, even though everyone knows it... very few people try harder to be good communicators. If you look for it, the majority of the problems and conflicts between people come from not communicating correctly.

I have been blessed with a husband that is (or tries to be) a good communicator. If we have a misunderstanding about something, we try to work that out immediately. I'll give him all the credit for that, because I know I some time have the female-tendency to want to sulk and stew about it and make myself miserable (ladies- why is that???)

So there you have it. Communication. ^forehead smack^
Who would have thunk it??


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sheila said...

Wait a minute, you mean they can't read our minds??? But we become one, right??? Great advice. In God's Love, sheila