Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday @ Camp

This morning I preached both services at Hess Rd. My sermon was on the importance of silence, sabbath & simplicity in our noisy, busy, stuff-filled culture. Afterward, Katie & I headed out toward Houghton for Family Camp! On the way, however, we drove through some major destruction (There was a tornado the night before). We made it to camp before 3pm and set up our room.

My best friend Aaron Henderson has joined us again for camp (He comes all the way from Maine!). I think this is his 6th year of coming to camp with me. Here are some notes from the day...

~ I had 3 glasses of chocolate milk so far
~ Pastor Joe did a great job leading worship
~ Rick Cavenough had a good first message
~ It rained a lot after the service
~ We played 2 rounds of Trix (Oh Poop)
~ Aaron & Katie made me watch "Chuck" (tv show)
~ Just finished notes for my seminar on 'heaven'

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