Friday, July 10, 2009

Prayer Practices

Here are some common prayer exercises that are worth adding to any routine (no need to add them all, but you may want to add a few). We talked about these last night in men's group as part of our Spiritual Exercise series:

Morning Prayer- A commitment to pray every day, first thing
Fixed Hour Prayer- A commitment to pray daily at a specific time
Silent Prayer- A commitment to be quiet before God for a set time
Conversational Prayer- An ongoing dialogue w/God each day
Praying Scripture- Meditatively reading through Psalms
Nature Walk- Being out in creation and letting God speak to you
Prayer of Examen- Examining your past 24 (or week) with God's help
Saying Grace- Thanking God before each meal you eat
Fasting- Giving up a meal to make time for prayer
Intercessory Prayer- Praying for a list of people you care for
Prayer Meeting- Joining a group that meets regularly for prayer
Watching- Giving up sleep to make time for prayer

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