Saturday, July 04, 2009

Penitents Compete!

This is the title of a new reality gameshow in Turkey.
Read excerpts of the article below and then discuss

What happens when you put a Muslim imam, a Christian priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk in a room with 10 atheists?

Turkish television station Kanal T hopes the answer is a ratings success as it prepares to launch a gameshow where spiritual guides from the four faiths will seek to convert a group of non-believers. The prize for converts will be a pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion -- Mecca for Muslims, the Vatican for Christians, Jerusalem for Jews and Tibet for Buddhists....

"We are giving the biggest prize in the world, the gift of belief in God," Kanal T chief executive Seyhan Soylu told Reuters. "We don't approve of anyone being an atheist. God is great and it doesn't matter which religion you believe in. The important thing is to believe."

A team of theologians will ensure that the atheists are truly non-believers and are not just seeking fame or a free holiday.


Miss W said...

I just don't get it. "God is great and it doesn't matter which religion you believe in"? Really? Last I checked, these religions claim to be exclusive (perhaps with the exception of Buddhism). How can a person be a true believer and also make this statement? I am sick of doublespeak!

I think I would rather be friends with an atheist than with a professed Christian who believes that it doesn't matter which religion one follows. Double-minded people frustrate me!

matthew said...

yeah, that line is bogus

Also of note, I think if I were on the show as an atheist and became a Christian, I'd rather visit Israel than the Vatican!

Missy said...

keep in mind that turkey believes that if you are western you are a Christian. That includes Catholics. So if you are from turkey, of course a westerner would want to go to the Vatican.

matthew said...

yeah, it's interesting how different someone's perspective can be on something as large as the Christian faith just b/c of where they live. Frankly, I hardly ever run into anyone that is passionate about the RC Church. But, you are right, I bet most of the world just sorta lumps all Christians together as Catholic.

As for this gameshow, I think it reveals 2 things. #1 Our world (not just the USA) values entertainment as, perhaps, it's number 1 value. We turn our news into entertainment. We even turn our religions into entertainment. #2 Our world is very humanistic. It's not about which faith is based on the correct object, but value is placed on the idea of faith itself. This is humanism at it's worst.