Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Idea

In my eagerness to get my final summer paper done Friday, and my eagerness to get my Sunday morning sermon and Sunday school lesson done today, I have totally neglected any preparation for our Sunday evening Bible study.

I have no idea what I want to discuss!

Any ideas?


matthew said...

I decided to talk about girls

matthew said...

Interestingly enough, not enough people showed up to justify doing a full-length meeting! (only 5 people were there beside myself). This happened one other time in my ministry when NOBODY showed up for my men's group (at a time when we had been averaging 6 or 7).

This summer, on Sunday evenings, we've been averaging around 20, so a drop to 5 is pretty substantial. It must have been due to grad parties and whatnot (and that fact that our Sunday PM schedule has been erratic)

In any case, I think it is very interesting that the 1 week I had more trouble than ever coming up with what God wanted me to share is the very week that I didn't end up having to share anything at all.