Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better Late than Never

I was going to post a pro/con list of being alone, since Matthew has been at Houghton these past two weeks, but at the risk of sounding sappy, I really couldn't come up with much of a list.

Pro- There haven't been any un-rinsed milk glasses sitting on the counter
Pro- Its been about 90 degrees in our apartment, and I get the whole bed to myself to spread out
Pro- No sports on the television!

Con- I miss Matthew.

I know that's three pros and only one con, but to me the con is MUCH worse.

Here's waiting for Friday!!


matthew said...

my side of the story

pro- they do the dishes for me
pro- it's been cooler here
pro- no how clean is your house on tv

con- I miss matthew

yes, i had a sex change

Katie said...

you are too weird.

sheila said...

O.K., I wasn't going to post, but I have to say, I really think you two are def. made for each other, lol. Have a great weekend. In God's Love, sheila

matthew said...

wow, my blog has been graced by the presence of Sheila. I feel so honored!