Saturday, March 28, 2009

Street Observations

I was noticing today just how many people have a basketball hoop set up in their driveway or attached to their garage/barn. I also noticed how many of them are obviously never used. In the last 5 minutes before Katie & I got home today we saw dozens of them. Very few of them were level. Only about half had nets. One or two didn't even have rims anymore. There was even one knocked over, but half hidden behind a shed! I almost never see anyone actually playing basketball outside (it's fairly useless in our very windy area anyways). And many of these homes are otherwise very nice, so I wonder why they let these hoops get so far gone and fail to take them down.

Bonus Observations:
1. It's AMAZING how much money this country must have invested in fire hydrants. 2. Telephone poles and electric/cable lines are SO ugly. I think it is really surprising that it's not all underground already.


Dena said...

Regrading the hoops: sounds like a sermon illustration to me. I was actually waiting for the application, but it didn't come.

matthew said...

haha, yeah, i just sorta left it hanging eh? I think you should type up a sermon to go with it and leave it as a comment :)