Friday, February 20, 2009

Alone Again

My wife has left me. She will be at snow camp this weekend with the teens. But in the mean-time I will post my very first marriage principle. It's simple & obvious, but hey, I've been married for less than 2 months. I envision more marriage principles to come in the future:

Marriage Principle #1
You do not move FROM friendship to dating to engagement to marriage. You simply ADD the latter to the former. A healthy marriage is one in which the married couple is still actively engaged, dating & friendly.

This principle also applies to Christianity. In the stages of grace, we don't move FROM prevenient to convicting to justifying to sanctifying. We simply ADD the latter to the former. A healthy Christian is one who is still confessing sins, experiencing conviction, and being made aware of God's reality.


Anonymous said...

after 19 tears i have found that friendship(your first step) has a different, and wonderful, meaning. like yours,it is the first step. it then shows up ,redefined, nearer the last. mike

Aaron Perry said...

I like what Mike wrote. I was thinking that after being married, I've needed to become more engaged, sometimes via dating, in order to build our friendship. But I've been married 9 months, so I'm way ahead of you. ;)

We should both give our wives a break for the preaching conference!

Katie said...

I would just like to state that Matthew's wife has returned.. and I just want to let all you folks know that the apartment was in the same condition as when I left (there were a couple extra dishes in the sink, but I won't count that against him)

By the way, Matthew, Wes Senior at Circle C says congratulations and advises us to write a book/preach a sermon on marriage now while we'll still in the honeymoon stage. :-)

Anonymous said...

the house was in the same condition? matt must have been locked out for the weekend. hint:was he wearing the same clothes? mike

matthew said...

haha, actually, i really WASN'T there very much. I was either in Williamsville, Barker, or at church the whole time!