Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Movie Lessons

I am interested in using some movies to start theological conversations. Have any of you been impacted by a movies' message and/or symbolism? Here are some examples of movies and questions aimed at starting conversations:

The Truman Show- Ed Harris' character can be interpreted as God (if you're anti-God) or as the Adversary (if You're a Christian). What was keeping Truman Burbank from true freedom? How important is authenticity? Where should we draw the line on what we use for entertainment?

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind- If given the opportunity to forget our past pains, would we take it? How does suffering positively affect us? What is the connection between forgiving and forgetting?

Seven- Were the victims in this movie innocent? Was the killer like an Old Testament prophet? Was Ernest Hemingway right on both counts when he said that the world is a beautiful place and worth fighting for? Did you have conflicting feelings about what Brad Pitt should do at the end of the film?


Lindy said...

Good choices. I think that Pleasentville is a gold mine of discussion. It basically makes the assumption that you can't experience true good without also experiencing sin (counter to our Christian beliefs, but try to come up with a way to see things differently, I dare you).

Little Miss Sunshine is good if you want to talk about failure and relationships.

Barton Fink has great things to say about snobbery, and what relvancy actually means, and what it dosen't mean.

matthew said...

Pleasentville is a great one. I'm glad you reminded me of it. Chocolat is another one, slightly similar, that is worthy of use.

I think the themes in LMS are important, but I think it'd be more trouble than its worth to use it as a lesson

I've never heard of Barton Fink, interesting


Glo said...

this Halloween we watched the nightmare before Christmas and my friend pointed out the wonder of Christmas is much like the wonder we have when we first come to Christ. also it is a good picture of the difference between sincritism and contextualization.

Lindy said...

Chocolat is also good- I like that they directly deal with religion, and make a lot of very valid points. I would show that movie if I wanted to talk about leagalism.

LMS can be controversial, so I understand now wanting to deal with all the baggage with the movie. I think that the content is worse in Seven- but judging content is such a subjective thing.

Just to warn you- Barton Fink is not an easy moving to watch- it's slow moving and dosen't really give any hope at the end. It's insanely well done, and worth watching, but don't pick it up for a romantic movie night with Kate or anything.