Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Toys

2 Questions

What was your favorite gift this year?
What was your favorite gift as a kid?


regan said...

This year: iTunes cards, because I always have random songs running through my head, and this way I can download them.

As a kid: Nothing really stands out as the best ever, but the gift I had the longest was a pink teddy bear that I got before I was old enough to remember the event.

Elizabeth said...

This year: Wii Music

As a kid: Speak'n'Spell

Jecca said...

this year: my "Where the Wild Things Are" t-shirt from my brother

childhood: probably my fisher price kitchen set or the small blackboard i used to "teach" my invisible students when I was in elementary school.

what are yours, matthew?

Jo said...

This year: hair straightener.
As a kid: We usually got money or some random items with no particular thought put into them. (Gospel Aerobics video anyone?)

Jo said...

p.s. my favorite random gift from my mother this year was decorated light-switch plate covers. true story.