Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Thoughts

1. I had predicted an electoral landslide and I was right. Despite winning by only 6%, Obama more than doubled McCain's electoral count. As an aside, I think if it were put up to a popular vote, the electoral college would certainly be voted down.

2. Against my hopes, hardly anyone voted 3rd party. This is my biggest problem with the American people. We dislike both the Republican and Democratic parties, but we keep voting for them over and over and over. Only 1 state gave more than 2% of the vote to a 3rd candidate (Ron Paul in Montanta, and he wasn't even running!).

3. It's amazing to me that even though George W. Bush is, perhaps, the most hated President of all-time, and even though John McCain ran a poor campaign, and even though the war hasn't gone well, and even though the economy stinks... A couple percentage points in handful of states would have placed Republicans back in the Presidency. This was a must win for the Democrats, but they barely won it.

4. As of now, Al Franken is being kept out of the US Senate by less than 600 votes. This is very depressing as he must be one of the lousiest human beings on the planet. I can't believe such a man can get that many votes.

5. It was a bad day for life. Pro-life ballot measures failed miserably in Colorado and even lost in South Dakota. Doctor assisted suicide won in Washington. Obama won and will probably have opportunity to elect liberal Supreme Court Justices.

6. It was a bad day for homosexual marriage. Arizona and Florida banned it. Arkansas banned gay couples from adopting. Even California seems to have banned gay marriage, reversing earlier decisions in that state (Though this vote was very close). While black voters may have helped get liberals the Presidency, they were no friend to liberals in this area. In California, 'white' voters were AGAINST banning gay marriage 53-47%. But 70% of 'black' voters were FOR the ban on gay marriage.

7. In the end, I doubt any of this will impact my personal life very much.


Kirk said...

i thought there were a lot of interesting race issues brought up after the election. this may be an opportunity for a lot of Americans to heal. No one can ever say again that a black man will never be president. I thought John McCain's speach was particularily good. Oh and Matt can I be added on your left reader xcolumn since I am blogging again and you are a third of the traffic I usually get.

Kirk said...

BTW I still think Obama is going to make the economy worse with the things I'm hearing he wants to do. Let's hope he doesn't keep his promises.

matthew said...

It took a few modifications, but you're on the bbc reader now :)

Miss W said...

I was suprised and encouraged to hear that CA banned homosexual marriage. We did pass an amendment here in Arkansas to keep unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children. I'm glad that passed. However, we also passed an amendment to allow a state lottery. Ick.

In the Presidential elections, I suppose we got what we deserved. Americans want the gov't to step in and do everything for them, and we now have a President who promises to do that for us. He'll probably be a great success.

I'm not bitter at all.

Jo said...

I think I'd like to get rid of the electoral college. But I imagine voter fraud would then be astronomical.

BTW, I blogged recently too.