Monday, November 17, 2008

The Case for WNY

No, this is not the latest book by Lee Strobel. This is my own argument for Western NY weather. When most of the country thinks of Buffalo, they think of a whole lot of snow. True enough, snow is definitely a reality here. But I believe WNY (and, in particular, Niagara County) is an fairly ideal place to live when it comes to weather. Unlike some more well-liked locations, we aren't threatened by the random hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood, etc. The only extreme weather we get is an occassionally powerful thunder storm and an ice storm every once in a while. The snow factor can be overstated. A few years back Buffalo got national attention for having like 7 feet of snow. But where I live, only 50 minutes away from Buffalo, we only got 1 foot! Sure, the roads are sometimes bad, but Niagara County is incredibly flat, which makes driving on them quite a bit easier.

What is your town known for? Is it true?


Coady said...

Sewer spillages...

Lindy said...

If you like cold and snow that I agree with Matthew that WNY is ideal. It dosen't get the huge snowfall, and you pretty much know what to expect all the time.

In DC my favorite thing is spring. In WNY and Canada spring tends to be soggy. Melting snow that freezes back up at night, only to melt a little more the next day.... until it suddenly becomes 75 and sunny (which is summer weather IMO).

DC has a mild spring that is in the 50's and 60's, but there isn't the slush. Instead the cherry trees blossom into the most beautiful flower display I've ever seen in my life.

hdurkee said...

I remember the 8 feet of snow. It was insane.

I disagree with you however Matt. I think the weather is terrible in WNY.

As a WNYer I would never move back there due to them having reasonable weather. I would move back there because my family is there.

Whilst we do not have horrific weather, there are many more places that have 4 seasons in which the weather is better.

Most Buffalonians have seasonal depression from the grey and long season of snow.

So, nice try. But you can't fool this WNYer.

matthew said...

You're just not tough enough heather :)

randy1953 said...

I was born and raised in upstate NY near Rochester. What can I say but very bad weather mot of the time.
Now I live on Margarita island which is a island own by Venezula.
We have 50 whte sand beaches and 340 days of sunny weather. A very big differience from WNY but I must admit I do miss the snow and the cold weather now and then.