Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Power Rankings3

1. Tennessee Titans
2. NY Giants
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Buffalo Bills

5. Tampa Bay Bucs
6. Dallas Cowboys
7. Washington Redskins

8. Carolina Panthers
9. Denver Broncos
10. Arizona Cardinals
11. San Diego Chargers
12. Indianapolis Colts

13. Chicago Bears
14. New Orleans Saints
15. NE Patriots
16. Atlanta Falcons
17. Jacksonville Jaguars
18. Philadelphia Eagles

19. NY Jets
20. Green Bay Packers
21. Minnesota Vikings
22. Cleveland Browns

23. Baltimore Ravens
24. Miami Dolphins
25. Houston Texans
26. SF 49ers

27. Seattle Seahawks
28. Oakland Raiders
29. Kansas City Chiefs
30. St. Louis Rams
31. Cincinnati Bengals
32. Detroit Lions


Dancin' said...

I know your ranking is similar to that of nfl.com but did either of you consider who was playing against who? The Steelers & Bills in the top 5?? Come on!!!

I think you need to give the Falcons and the Packers a little more respect. Now that the Bills have lost Edwards, I think they've lost some "power".

matthew said...

Actually, strength of schedule is my MAIN criteria. I don't look at NFL.com or ESPN rankings until after I do mine.

Pittsburgh has quality road wins against cleveland and jacksonville. there only loss was on the road to a tough philly team. They crushed houston and baltimore was a rivalry game. They are 4-1 and a perennial power. I have no regrets putting them at #3

The Bills have only lost 1 game and that was without their QB. He's back this Sunday. They won a good road game in Jacksonville. Other than that, there schedule has been easy. But like I said, hard to argue with 1 loss, especially when it came w/o edwards.

Green Bay is 3-3. I think I do have them low b/c I haven't seen them yet this year. They have good wins over Indy and Philly. But I think that was Indy w/o a healthy Manning and Philly w/o Westbrook, if I'm not mistaken. Their 3 losses are quality losses. Tough schedule. They could fly up the rankings with a string of wins.

Atlanta is hard to guage. They beat 2 crappy teams and then pulled two quality wins out of a hat. Yet they got trounced on the road against their rivals. I just can't be sure if they're any good.