Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Plan

I have a plan that will never happen, but would work (in my opinion). ALL the political conservatives in certain blue (democrat controlled) states should vote 3rd party (Baldwin or Barr). What's more, all the liberals in the certain red (republican controlled) states should vote 3rd party (Barr or Nader). In this way, both corrupt parties will realize the extent of the dissatisfaction of the citizens. Battleground states are, in my plan, encouraged to vote as per usual. Let's look at a map:

The gray states (NV, CO, MO, IN, OH, VA, NC, FL) are toss-ups at this point. They can fight it out. The light blue (WA, NM, MN, WI, MI, NJ) are leaning toward Obama, but it's still close enough to fight it out. Likewise, the light red states (WV, GA) are leaning McCain and are free to fight it out, under my plan, as well. But this leaves 34 states that aren't up for grabs. McCain is going to win the bulk of the mid-west. Obama is going to win the north-east and west-coast.

One thing Americans agree about is that our leaders are doing a poor job all around. So why would people in these 34 states support candidates that they know won't win their states? All this does is encourage the two party system that we all agree stinks! Americans in these 34 states should unite in our rejection of the 2 party system. While this would, by definition, not impact the electoral process 1 iota, it would significantly impact the popular vote. And even though the popular vote doesn't count, it does get noticed.

In 2004, only just over 1 million people voted for candidates OTHER THAN Bush & Kerry! With my plan, at least 31 MILLION votes would be cast for 3rd party candidates. If you took 15 million votes away from each party in 2004, the results would have looked like this:

47 Million for Bush
44 Million for Kerry
31 Million for Other

Will the Republicans and Democrats take note of America's dislike for the 2 party system if 3rd party's only get just over 1 million votes? I certainly don't think so! But with numbers like those shown above, they will take notice. And, even more importantly, a good third party candidate would actually be in the media mix.


Kirk said...

I'm disgusted about all this as well and I finally blogged about it. I apologize for my lake of blintegrity lately.

Kirk said...

P.S. Where is Ross Perot when we need him?

TMNK said...

Perot actually got around 19 million votes. I have no clue how he accomplished this, but it put Clinton in office.

Jo said...

Why didn't I read this BEFORE I filled out my absentee ballot????? :D

Robin said...

Matt Rose, you may be insane.

Dena said...

I'm not sure what to do about this election, either. My mom just mentioned to me the other day that she wishes there were a specific "abstain" option. That way we could really make our dissatisfaction known, without voting for anyone. I'll second that desire. I think "abstain" could win this year if that option existed.

Kirk said...

No need to go up to lover's lane
and come back down all full of shame
I smile as I sing the sweet refrain
Abstain, abstain, abstain.