Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Miracle Series

I just finished teaching through the list of 37 miracles provided by Strong's Concordance. It was a worthwhile 20-hour series. I had 2 goals: 1) To come to a proper understanding of each of Jesus' recorded miracles and 2) To teach our Sunday night congregation the value of studying parallel accounts.

Water into Wine
Healing the Sick Son
The Great Catches
Casting Out Demons
Early Healing Miracles
Healing the Paralytic
Paralytic at the Pool
Man w/Withered Hand
Stilling the Storm
Sick Servant, Dead Son
Sick Woman, Dead Daughter
Feeding 5000, 4000
Walking on Water
Strange Method Miracles
The Man Born Blind
Contextual Miracles of Luke 13-14
The Raising of Lazarus
The Tale of 10 Men
Blind Bartimaeus, Fig Tree, Temple Tax, Servant's Ear


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