Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ghost Town

He sees dead people. Sounds like it's been done before, but 'Ghost Town' is a surprisingly fresh comedy starring Ricky Gervais (the boss on the BBC version of 'The Office') as a dentist named Bertram Pincus. Dr. Pincus doesn't like people, so it's quite unfortunate when, after 'dying' for 7 minutes at the hospital, he's able to see a lot more of them. These ghosts have unfinished business on earth, and once they realize Pincus can see them, they won't leave him alone.

This is probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in a few years. Gervais deserves a wider American audience and he'll probably have a good string of American movies in the next 5 years. The supporting cast is also good, especially Greg Kinear, Tea Leoni, and Kristetn Wiig. The movie is more funny as a comedy (first 75% of film) than it is powerful as a point-making film (final quarter), but overall, a very enjoyable movie going experience.

Rating: 7.9
Status: Must See


Tammy Craig said...

I saw ads for this, but never trailers or anything. I kept meaning to check it out, but memory's not what it used...oh, forget it; the memory has never been there. So I kept forgetting. Thanks for the review, Matthew! I'll be sure to check it out sometime soon!

Jecca said...

glad you liked this! i'm definitely planning on seeing it soon.