Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Final 8

We're down to the final 8 in our OT Idol competition. Remember, the competition has changed now in that we are voting FOR the people we want to win. But there are still categories. This week: Since we're having a kid's sleepover this weekend at church, vote FOR the character with the coolest childhood story in Scripture. Second, in contrast, vote FOR the character with the coolest 'elderly' story. In other words. Who had the neatest beginning and who had the neatest ending?


The other winner of this competition (besides the winning OT character) will be the person who has voted FOR the winning OT character the most often UNLESS the winning OT character is my pre-competition plant character (in which case I and that character are the winners).


The AJ Thomas said...

Childhood story - Noah, We don;t know his story, which would make it more interesting and he may have walked with dinosaurs and stuff.

Elderly Story - Joseph, dude was vice president of Egypt. He could answer a lot of archeological questions for us.

Regan said...

Best Beginning-Samuel
(For this child, I prayed.)
Best Ending-Joshua
(As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.)

Jecca said...

beginning - david
ending - noah

Dena said...

I'll agree with AJ and say Noah for childhood story.

For elderly story I'll say Ruth. She climbed into bed with a man and proposed to him! You don't get a better "I met your grandfather when" story than that!

TMNK said...

I'm going to vote for...

Beginning: David (crazy awesome animal fighting)

Ending: Joseph (got his dead bones carried to promised land)

Final tally
3 Noah
2 Joseph
2 David
1 Samuel
1 Joshua
1 Ruth

Voted out:

We're down to 6