Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday @ Camp

~ Slept from 2-8
~ Breakfast, worship
~ Taught seminar
~ Bible study, Lunch (12)
~ Botche (spelling?) ball, b-ball
~ Wii, cards
~ Supper (14 total chocolate milks)
~ Relax till service, service
~ Funny family story sharing


Jecca said...

you're going to die from all that chocolate milk consumption, my friend. what was your record last year? :)

TMNK said...

My record is 36 (2005)

I didn't record my number last year b/c mid-way through the week i got sick b/c of my attempts to break the record

2006 was 32 glasses

Jecca said...

i remember you mentioning about getting sick. i am not surprised. :)

Katie said...

Bocce Ball :-)