Monday, June 09, 2008

Writing Rankings

How do you prefer to put words on a page?
Here are my preferences:

1) Mechanical Pencil
Stays sharp. Easily erased. Always accessible.

2) Keyboard/Computer
Fast. Easy delete. Fun fonts. Less accessible.

3) Regular Pencil
Can be sharper than mechanical, but needs upkeep.

4) Old-Fashioned Type-Writer
Makes great noise, but inconvenient in a # of ways.

5) Pen
Can be blotchy or stop working. Less-erasable.


Lindy said...

If I'm writting words I like typing. If I'm writting music (which I do more of these days, how lame is that?) it has to be a mechanical pencil with a good eraser.

Dena said...

Words-paper and pen is my preference, but I tend to use the computer just as much.

regan said...

I love pens, and my favorites are Zebras. I also have some awesome pens I got for free from a trade show. I would buy nice pens all the time, but I tend to lose small objects, and it might get too expensive to replace them so much.

If I have a lot to write, I prefer the computer, though, because it's easier to edit. Still, it's just not as personal as pen and paper writing.

regan said...

oh yes, and pencils are for math only.

Steph said...

A black ball pen with a super fine tip and no gumming up on smooth paper. However both of those things are hard to find and at times expensive, so most of my writing happens on the computer.

Nata said...

I can't read my own handwriting, so it makes the keyboard my only option.

Kelly said...

I'm more creative and can express my thoughts more clearly on a computer than with pen/pencil and paper. It also doesn't help that I type way faster than I write- which, since I am lazy, is a plus. :)