Thursday, June 05, 2008


Now that Obama & McCain appear to be the Presidential candidates, the discussion turns to their Vice Presidential running mates. Which guy/girl will they pick? Why? Who gets them the most votes? Who helps them the most during their presidency? Will one of them make a selection that will cost them the election?

If you were McCain, who would you pick?
If you were Obama, who would you pick?


The AJ Thomas said...

I'm not sure on specific people but as for the type of person Obama needs someone who communicates experience and knowledge and MCCain needs someone who communicates youth, relevance, and something different from the "same old, same old".

If Obama was smart and secure he would offer it to Hillary but I doubt he will and I'm not sure she would accept.

matthew said...

I totally agree about what each guy should be looking for. If I'm Obama, I pick Biden. If I'm McCain I pick Vindal. For the exact reasons you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Hillary as VP. I can imagine her taking Condi's job.