Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OT Idol #18

21 Eve
20 Esther

This week we'll be voting 2 hopefuls out of GROUP B. First, in light of global warming, name the character Who brought the most damage to the environment (be creative). Second, name the character guilty of the single greatest sin.

Group B

Remember the TWIST, I have picked 1 OT Idol character. I will try to MANIPULATE victory for them via my categories and word choices. If one of my characters wins, you are all losers (even moreso than you are now). If not, the people/person who voted AGAINST the winning character the least amount of times are/is the winner (NOT VOTING any given week will count as a vote against the winner, so you'll have to vote a lot to win)


The AJ Thomas said...

Environmental Damage - Moses
-Untreated Sewage into the nile
-Various ecological cataclysms throughout the plagues
-Pollution of the Red Sea
-Disturbing delicate dessert ecosystems
-Introducing the Sacrificial System (including burnt offerings and incense burning) which DRASTICALLY increased the people of Israel's carbon footprint.

Greatest Sin - Solomon
-Rampant Idolatry
-Easily influenced by the women in his life
-Wrote the book of Proverbs leading to some of the blandest and most story-less preaching ever

matthew said...

On the environment...

This is a tough one. Joseph's life can be said to have brought 7 years of famine. Noah's life brought a worldwide catastrophe. Solomon had a lot of trees chopped down, but also built some nice parks.

On the greatest sin...

Gomer was a sex addict. Moses killed a man and hit a rock when he wasn't supposed to. Solomon did a host of unsanctified things.

I'm voting AGAINST...

Noah- Now that I think about it, he must have cut down a TON of trees to make the ark. Maybe the flood was actually the result of his lumber business

Solomon- I can't forgive him for writing Song of Solomon

Dancin' said...

Enviro-Villian: Solomon the amount of resources he would have had to use to build the temple & the palace.
SGS: Moses for losing his temper when he yelled at the Israelites & smashed a rock (God thought it was good enough reason 2 not allow him into the promise land.

Kelly said...

As for Noah and the environmental catastrphoe- clearly the flood was not his fault. One could argue that if there were more Noah's around, God wouldn't have flooded the earth. It's a toss up for me between Moses, for the reasons AJ mentioned, and Solomon- not only did he use up tremendous resources building the temple, but feeding and clothing countless concubines and their even more countless children would have taken even more resources. I think I'm going to have go go with Moses, though.

Greatest Sin...umm...Solomon.

matthew said...

So far...

4 Solomon
3 Moses
1 Noah

regan said...

I'm going to have to go with Dancin' on this one. (I never thought I would write a sentence like that!)

Most damage to the environment- Solomon, for his building program. Not only did he deforest Lebanon, but he had all those precious metals (they had to come from the earth). Also, when they cast the brass, they destroyed quite a bit of land because they cast it in the ground. Not to mention the lavish way he kept his household. He built one of his wives HER OWN HOUSE! (I might be tempted to marry a guy with 699 other wives if he built me a house.)

Single greatest sin- I have to go with Moses, when he struck the rock instead of speaking to it. God took his life for it, so it must have been pretty bad. (Although it was some time later before that happened.)

matthew said...

Looks like another pair of runaway losers...

So far...

5 Solomon
4 Moses
1 Noah

The AJ Thomas said...

I think it's hilarious that the two people I picked are leading but for the opposite reasons. I'd like add my voice to the charge against Solomon of writing "Song of Solomon" That's some freaky, freaky stuff.

Dancin' said...

I'm not sure whether to be insulted bc you thought u'd never write a sentence involving you agree w/ me or 2 be honored that you did agree w/ me.

Dena said...

Sorry, I know I'm late again. I'm gonna vote for Job and Ruth, just because.

Jecca said...

Solomon and Gomer

matthew said...

Voting closed

Final count...

6 Solomon
4 Moses

1 Noah
1 Job
1 Ruth
1 Gomer

Regan said...

It's nothing personal, it's just the word "dancing" that I never thought I'd use in that way. After all, I am one of the Frozen Chosen.