Sunday, June 15, 2008


Imagine you're a widow and that today marks 2 years since your husband's death. As you struggle through the day, mostly spent cleaning the kitchen, you receive a surprise phone call from a friend from church, surprising because this friend has never called before. The conversation moves from the weather to family to church and back to the weather before concluding. You hang up feeling happy, encouraged, and loved. No mention was made of the significance of the day. Is it possible that God simply provoked a clueless member of the congregation to call? You wonder.

The following Sunday you see your phone-friend in the foyer. You thank her for the chat and reference having really needed a 'lift' on that particular day. Your friend smiles and references how much she enjoyed the chance to know your husband and what a good example of Christ He was. She figured you'd appreciate a call. You smile, but part of you is disappointed. You had been wishing that the phone call had been a 'God-thing,' but now you realize it was just a thoughtful member of your church family. You appreciate her care, but part of you still wishes the moment had been more... magical.

Later that night you lie in bed. Your mind is shifting through a scattering of thoughts from the day. And a thought comes to mind: Perhaps God's preferred way of blessing us is not through magical 'God-moments' done despite of the people around you. Perhaps God's preferred method is to work through people. Could it be that God's greatness is more readily seen in the fact that He put love and care for you in the heart of a young lady who had only 5 years ago been an absolute stranger. You fall asleep while wondering who could use a phone call in the morning.


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