Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost & Idol

I watch Lost, but I truly am 'Lost' when it comes to having an educated explanatory theory. Do any of you know what's going on in that show? There are just so many characters and unanswered questions that I usually just shrug my shoulders at the end of the episode.

I watch American Idol too. It's not so much that I enjoy the show, but I enjoy trying to guess who will get voted out. There are 3 guys that should be in trouble Thursday: Luke, Jason & Chekeze (since they stink, I don't care if I am spelling their names wrong) and 2 girls (Joanne & Amy). We'll see.

So as to avoid this being a completely 'unspiritual' post, I will now provide my 90 word testimony as commanded by Hybels in "Just Walk Across the Room"

"I grew up in a Christian family. I was at church all the time and had a lot of friends & fun there. But away from church things weren’t so great. I was always fighting with my brother and I was too shy to make friends at school. By high school, I was pretty miserable. It got so bad that one-day I just started crying out to God for help. Immediately I felt newfound peace & confidence. Even though I’ve had my struggles since then, I’ve never been the same."

What's your 100 word or less testimony?


Aaron Perry said...

If you think I'm a jerk now, you should have seen me about seven years ago!

Jecca said...

I agree that Luke and Chikezie should go (and Garrett), but I really like Jason. He was the one that actually caught my attention and made me stop what I was doing to listen. I also enjoy the three Davids.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the girls, but I remember enjoying Ramiele...I don't like girl singers much anyway.

I'm lost with Lost too. I wonder if just watching the very last episode in three years would be the best thing to do. It makes no sense and somehow that makes it addictive...Oceanic 6??? Time on the island has now become the flashback part of the show. I don't know.

matthew said...

haha, aaron, I love it!

Jessica...Yeah, we're pretty much in agreement about AI and Lost. The bafflement is the attraction.

Jecca said...

So, I'm glad Garrett's gone, but I really liked Colton. Not cool. You predicted the girls well.

And I meant Jason Castro before...the other Jason definitely should go. I didn't remember there were two of them.