Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol

Guys: The judges have anointed David A. as the Idol to beat this season. Certainly he's good, but I think it's a bit early to predict a winner. People could get bored with him, especially b/c he plays the interview sections of the competition so safely. David H. had the best week vocally. Chekeze made a little comeback. David C. continue to impress. Jason C. will be on long into the season. Michael J. is underperforming, but will be safe for a long while yet. Robby C. is on the decline. Danny N. will last a bit longer than he should. I predict Jason Y. & Luke M. will be voted off on Thursday.

Girls: The girls side is much tougher to predict b/c they really seem to blur together to a large degree. Alaina W. will be safe for a long time. Carlie & Ramielle are the next 2 in terms of safeness. Kristie Leigh C. should survive into the top 12. Brooke saved herself tonight by being this weeks top female performer. Everyone else, I think, is in a bit of trouble Thursday. Asia will probably survive based on past performances. Amanda O. will stay in b/c she'll monopolize a certain sect of voters. Syeshe might be OK for this week. I guess I'll predict that Katie M. & Alex L. will get voted out, but they are both within the realm of likeability.

My current top 6 predictions: David A, David C, Michael J, Carley S, Ramielle M, Alaina W.

Voted Out
(I was pretty close to perfect, but way off on Alaina!)

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Jecca said...

i would have preferred luke kicked out over robby, and wished amanda would leave, but i'm fine with this week's 'losers.'

loved david a. and brooke.