Thursday, February 07, 2008

10 e-pinions

A local sports radio show does this thing where the 2 hosts share 5 quick opinions each. As simple as it is, I like it and so I introduce to you the first installment of my own 10 e-pinions

1. Let's get real with this Global Warming garbage. The slight increase in global temperature is NOT caused by man. These cycles go round and round. That being said, why WOULDN'T we support being environmentally friendly? I'm pro-environment, but not because of global warming. I'm pro-environment because of biblical stewardship.

2. Today marks 5 months with Katie. We were just talking about how it both seems like we've been together longer AND it seems like we haven't been together that long. I think this feeling is common.

3. Rush Limbaugh is right not to support John McCain, but for the wrong reasons. It's not that McCain is way more liberal than Romney (in my opinion, they aren't really very different at all). The real problem I have with McCain is that he's an absolute slime-ball.

4. I am excited about an upcoming series I'll be teaching on the soul, heaven & hell. I've been doing and will be doing lots of reading on the subject.

5. I think we should get a Bethany intern

6. For the first time ever, I played an entire season of Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) and did NOT make the playoffs! I finished 8-8. The game had become too easy so I invented a few rules. I was not allowed to play any offensive plays. I had to kick as soon as I obtained the ball AND I was not allowed to use the NT on defense (for anyone who has played TSB on the NES, you know the NT can get about 20 sacks a game.

7. I want to build a snow fort

8. I think I should start spending more time at community events to start growing a base of supporters for a future political campaign.

9. I am thinking of building a campaign blog AS IF I were running for President. It'd be a place for me to write out my political views and positions. Plus, someone might take it seriously and send me money!

10. Nursing home ministry is still one of my most edifying ministerial roles. Take some time this week to visit a nursing home. No, they won't be coming to your church the following Sunday, but your reward will be waiting in heaven.


bryan said...

I'm all for the snow fort and a young president:)

Lindy said...

Could your first act as president be to make the pings work? I swear, they hate me.

I also like the snow fort idea, except for the snow part. When are they going to get around to inventing warm snow?

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Wow you just called your future president a slime ball. I would also like to go on the record as pointing out on this day you agreed with Rush Limbaugh. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

matthew said...

Lindy, since your pings only seem to work on the other list, I've moved it to the top left to give it more visibility

Aaron Perry said...

I give your E-pinions an F!

And I don't support McCain because I think there will be another significant war under his leadership.

matthew said...

The only worse thing than interventionists who go to war is interventionists who don't

That's why I support the only non-interventionist

The AJ Thomas said...

I like McCain but that is based only on his excellent Daily Show appearances, the fact that he is a war hero, and that I find his exquisite french fries. I would infinitely prefer him to Romney though - dude creeps me out. Huck seems like a nice guy but I'm not sure he's ready to run a country. Paul doesn't stand a chance so he's kind of a mute point and while I like some of his ideas implementing them would either take longer than he has or destroy the country.

matthew said...

I have no doubt that John McCain is the best qualified candidate for running an empire via war and occupation of foreign countries

I have many doubts that we should be doing such things.

Aaron Perry said...

"The only worse thing than interventionists who go to war is interventionists who don't."

Pithy, but why?

matthew said...

hey aaron. thanks for asking. obviously this is an opinion :)

Here's my thing. I believe having soldiers in 130 countries, sometimes as occupiers, sometimes as peace keeping forces, sometimes as whatever...I think this is a big mistake and breeds terrorism. Radical elements within those countries have opportunity to use this occupation is a catalyst for terroristic movements.

Interventionism BREEDS terrorism. And the worst thing to do with terrorists is try to appease them with diplomacy and peace coalitions. The proper way to deal with terrorism is to punish them.

But better than both those options is to NOT BREED TERRORISM!

Ron Paul was for going into Afghanistan. In fact, he wanted to go in quicker! But he's against occupying 130 countries. He was against going to war in Iraq since they weren't involved in 9/11.

Our interventionism arms our enemies and then puts our young soldiers in between foreign civil wars. We need to return to a foreign policy of non interventionism, a policy free from 'entangling alliances'. This is not isolationism (it calls for free trade) and it's not pacifism (it responds to aggression).

The worst thing about the campaign has been we're bickering over how long to be in Iraq instead of whether our philosophy is in error to begin with.

Aaron Perry said...

Let me make sure I know what you're saying. By "interventionists who don't go to war" do you mean attempted diplomacy with terrorists?

matthew said...

Yes, that would be a large part of what I'm saying. I don't think you can negotiate with terrorists. I think you search them out and defeat them.

But that goes on forever.

Non-interventionism stops terrorism at the roots. Obviously not completely, but I believe it would create far less anti-american terrorists.

But is it too late to go this route?

Aaron Perry said...

I think the statement that I asked about left no room for critical use of military by interventionists. For example, I think Joe Biden is right that troops in Darfur would be necessary to stop violence. But that does not mean that force should be used at all times and in all situations (which is what I took for the phrase, "interventionists who go to war").

matthew said...

Fair enough. I was speaking of interventionists who think diplomacy is an effective tool in dealing with terrorists. I think there are times when our military might can be used, even in peace, to aid victims of genocide.

In that sense, and in a matter of degree, I am less an isolationist than Ron Paul.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Now that Jo has moved to Canada that would be 131 countries that the U.S. occupies. Heee Heee Heee you agreed with Limbaugh.

Jecca said...

Yay for 5 months with Katie! :)