Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Online Romance

About 4 times each year I experience a minute long romance with some girl IMing me on MSN while claiming to be a Christian from Africa. It always turns out that they want to marry me so they can move to the USA and/or they want me to send money to help their family. I feel pretty confident that I can spot the fakers so, nowadays, I turn it around. Here's the end of one such conversation I had today:

liziata says:
i want to know if you have a women
The Matthew Never Knew says:
i have a girlfriend
liziata says:
hi you dont a wife. ok.
I can be your wife came from africa
a savant of god again i want to know your contry

The Matthew Never Knew says:
i live in africa
liziata says:
were do you live in africa
The Matthew Never Knew says:
ivory coast
liziata says:
liziata says:
give me your number so can call you now
The Matthew Never Knew says:
I have no phone. My family is very poor.
Right now I am at an internet cafe in the city
do you think you could send me some money?
liziata says:
ok no bleme
The Matthew Never Knew says:
Liziata signed off


Jecca said...

I remember you mentioning this previously. That is hilarious! Good thinking. :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew, you never cease to amaze me. You are the wittiest, most interesting young man I know! Plus youre in the top 4 most adorable!!!!

matthew said...

she signed on again like an hour later and agreed to move across the continent for me, but when i asked her for her credit card number she call me a madman and swore

Bryan said...

You are my new hero. There is nothing funnier than confusing someone trying to scam you.:)

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Hey Matt I believe I'm going to be regularily posting again and FYI my last post is a challenge specifically to you.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...


Mommy of Three said...


Regan said...

You crack me up.

Do you do the same to telemarketers?