Saturday, January 05, 2008

NFL Playoff Predictions

Don't bet based on my guesses
2005: 6 right, 5 wrong
2006: 4 right, 7 wrong
2007: 5 right, 6 wrong

Seattle over Washington
Jacksonville over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay over NY Giants
San Diego over Tennessee

San Diego over Indianapolis
New England over Jacksonville
Dallas over Tampa Bay
Green Bay over Seattle

San Diego over New England
Dallas over Green Bay

San Diego over Dallas

*all picks subject to complete inaccuracy


Lindy said...

Am I the only one still having problems with the pings?

Oh yea, about your post I don't know other than the fact that I want the Redskins to be knocked out as soon as possible DC can move on.

matthew said...

I don't think the ***'s work for most people. There's no reason or rhyme to it. I think I'll switch the alphabetical list back to the top

Aaron Perry said...

Good call on Jax over Pittsburgh. What was NOT a good call was Mike Tomlin's shotgun bootleg on 3rd and 5 with just over two minutes to go. Bad, bad call. Good game, though.

Happy 2008.

matthew said...

Jacksonville's a tough team, but I think pittsburgh would have won with Parker. That made the pick easier, but i was surprised how close it still was